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From Raw To Refined

Brilliantly Bold To
Subtly Sublime


Welcome to a revolutionary alternative to mined diamonds – lab-grown diamonds produced through the Chemical Vapor Deposition process. These diamonds are an ethical and sustainable substitute for natural diamonds, with identical properties.

We specialize in creating CVD diamonds that meet the highest industry standards. We use state-of-the-art technology to create diamonds that are free of impurities, have excellent color and clarity, and are available in a range of sizes, colors, and shapes.

Rough Lab Grown

Rough, yet Refined: Diamonds that Sparkle with Intensity

Rough lab grown diamonds fuse nature and science to create an ethical and eco-friendly masterpiece. Crafted with advanced technology, each diamond is unique and guilt-free.

By choosing rough diamonds, you not only showcase your individuality with a one-of-a-kind gemstone but also contribute to a sustainable and responsible future for the planet.

Polished Lab
Grown Diamonds

Crafted by Science, Polished by Art: Diamonds With Exceptional Brilliance

Polished diamonds are the epitome of modern luxury with a perfect blend of technology and beauty, crafted to perfection by our master craftsmen.

When you choose polished diamonds, you’re not just indulging in the ultimate luxury; you’re also making a conscious choice for an ethical future for the planet.

Type IIA Diamonds

Type IIA diamonds are renowned for their exceptional beauty, brilliance, and rarity. In fact, they represent less than 2% of all diamonds mined or created. These diamonds are completely free of nitrogen impurities, making them the most chemically pure diamonds in existence.

At Labs Grown Auctions, we have harnessed the power of advanced scientific techniques to create one of the rarest and most sought-after gems in the world – the Type IIa diamonds. Our skilled artisans carefully craft each diamond to perfection, ensuring that each one is a masterpiece that is truly one of a kind.

Visit Us Today To Experience The Unparalleled Beauty Of Type IIa Diamonds!

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