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Better For Earth,
Better For You.

Welcome to
Lab Grown
Auctions Diamonds

Where beauty meets sustainability and ethics. Our story began with a passion for diamonds and a deep commitment to creating a better world.

We are a celebrated and renowned company that specializes in Auctioning Type IIA lab-grown diamonds using Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) technology.


We are dependable and auction diamonds of high quality, in great quantity, with utmost commitment and optimal speed.


Ethical diamonds that are real and authentic


Rarest and highest quality Type IIA diamonds


You will be buying a diamond certified by GIA, IGI, GCAL or HRD


Creating diamonds by simulating nature


Auctioning the Future of lab grown diamonds.

Our vision is to transform the diamond industry by becoming the leading provider of lab created diamonds that meet the highest standards of quality, beauty, and ethical integrity to create a better future for our valuable customers and the planet too.


Lab Grown Auctions is making an impact in the diamond industry by reducing the environmental effect and promoting ethical diamonds. Our diamonds offer consumers a more cost-effective alternative to high-quality diamonds. Additionally, we support research and development in the field of diamond production to improve the quality and efficiency of the process. Overall, we are building a more Sustainable, ethical, and accessible diamond industry.


The Lab Grown Auction team is comprised of highly skilled auctioneers and diamond experts who are committed to producing high-quality diamonds in a sustainable and socially responsible manner. Our culture values innovation, collaboration, and creativity, creating a work environment that fosters growth and learning. With a focus on environmental consciousness, social responsibility, and employee well-being, we are creating the epitome of a work culture that prioritizes both people and the planet.

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